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David Gibson

On the Internet since 17th May 1994. You wont find me on Facebook or Linked-In. I only rarely tweet at @I_amDavidGibson. I live in Leeds, UK.

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I have an MA degree in Maths / Engineering from Cambridge University and a PhD from the University of Leeds (School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering). From 1 Jan 2016 I have been a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Exeter's Camborne School of Mines (College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences). See staff profile although, since Im only on a medium-term contract, that might eventually disappear, to be found only in the Internet Archive at the Wayback Machine.

Selective lists of my publications are given on my University of Exeter page, and at ResearchGate. You can also search the CREGJ database and take a look at my Cave Radio web page. If you've come here because of a professional interest then you will already know my fields of work and that Im available for consultancy and contract work – Please email me for a version of My CV that includes full contact information (The online version has been redacted).


1 January 2012: I have removed most of the content of this web page, as it was all getting rather out of date. Perhaps I'll edit it and replace it one day? Places to go...

New items...

  • 2021: Article: A Simple Class-D Single-Sideband Modulator
  • 2021: Article: Data Protocol and Coding Examples for the British Cave Science Centre
  • 2021: Article: The SSB Paradigm for Cave Radio is Outmoded - Is it Time to Move On?
  • 2021: Article: Fundamentals series: Cave Radio Antennas
  • 2021: Article: Energy Harvesting with Electrets
  • 2020: Article: The Parallel-Fed Voltage Multiplier
  • 2020: Article: Regenerative Brake Charges Your Caving Lamp Whilst You Abseil
  • 2019: Software: Sieve of Eratosthenes (simple demo)
  • 2018: Essay: What is Steampunk?
  • 2018: Essay: Ferroelectric v. ferromagnetic materials
  • 2018: Essay: Conductivity measurement of ionic solutions
  • 2018: Article: Impedance-Balancing Rule for Op-Amps (Originally written in 1991)
  • 2017: Notes: Character Set Problems
  • 2016: Info: Staff profile at University of Exeter
  • 2015: Article: Stereoscopic vision with reduced definition in one eye

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