My Steampunk Costume

It didnt begin with Steampunk – just a thought that it would be 'fun' to dress up as a character from Science Fiction at a friend's wedding. I dont mean Darth Vader, Captain Kirk or Chmeee – that would be silly. It had to be something much subtler, and the idea of a 'tell' developed – a simple emblem or item that says who you are in an otherwise nondescript costume. For example, the 'tell' for a woman dressed as Angua would be a dog's collar with a badge saying Ankh-Morpork City Watch and a piece of blue blanket attached to her belt. I thought of a number of characters, and their tells, including a Meanwhile City agent (from one of my favourite films); but most of my ideas seemed to drift back to the Discworld or the Ringworld. It would be quite easy to dress as Louis Wu for example – all you need is a 'falling jumper' – and there is plenty of scope to design that, as only vague hints are ever given in the books. I also liked the idea of dressing up as Lu-Tze, the history monk; which, of course, required that I build a spinner or portable procrastinator to strap to my back.

The project gradually evolved into a steampunk exercise and, more precisely, into a the character of a steampunk explorer. A sort of steampunk Doctor Who, with gadgets appropriated from various science fiction books. You cannot see my gadgets very well in the photos, but here is a brief description of some of them, and other aspects of my costume.

David Gibson, 04-Aug-2018

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