Slave Unit for Digital Cameras

This document last updated May 2006

The emergence of digital cameras causes a problem for photographers using conventional slave units, because many digital cameras issue a double flash pulse; the main flash being preceded by a 'pre-flash' to set the exposure level or colour balance. In principle it is fairly straightforward to modify my slave unit to fire on the second pulse it receives, or to fire after a pre-determined delay. The most economical way to alter the design is to add a small microprocessor. This opens up other possibilities - for example, a 'fired' indication becomes easy to add, as does a low battery warning. A new slave unit, designed to work with digital cameras, retains all the features of my existing slave, namely ...

( details) and adds the following … ·

Kits of parts are available (see Newsletter), and a fully-built version is available from Firefly Electronics