Slave Unit - Prices

This page gives the prices of the various items currently on offer. But first, some words of warning, ...

Construction of this project is very fiddly and you must have a good knowledge of electronics and soldering. I supply the kits purely as a favour, to save you time tracking down the components, some of which may be hard to find. What you do with the components is entirely up to you, and I can offer very little after-sales service, or advice on testing, debugging - if you make a mess of it it is your burden entirely!

There is no information available other than what you can download from this web site and the circuit diagram that comes with the kit. Please make sure you read all that information first.

Available products

Please note that I currently only have stock of the SLV051 programmed microcontrollers.

Why have I stopped selling the digital slave units (SLV-051)? Well, basically, it is because the kits took too much of my scarce free time to put together. I was selling them at cost price, so there was nothing in it for me at all. The same goes for the built units, which I paid someone to assemble for me: I made no profit. You can buy ready-built units from Firefly Electronics.

Why have I stopped selling the 'original' PCB, (SLV023)? I have run out of stock and have not had time to deal with this.

Item Prices

Standard Slave Unit for Cave Photographers
(SLV 023)
Kit of parts (contents) £16.50 out of stock  
Kit with pre-built-PCB (contents) £24.50 out of stock I have no pre-built units left, and do not plan to produce any more until I have had time to re-design this product to use a smaller and more easily-available battery and made a few other improvements. But please ask me, in case I have changed my mind. Also see Firefly
PCB only £2.40 out of stock I can supply PCBs individually, or on panels of ten (10% discount). If you want to build a batch of units for your friends, using a panel may be the best way to do this.
Spare plastic pots £0.15 +postage lots  
3.6V lithium cell
(see note below)
£5.50 out of stock I can supply this, on request, but only if you are ordering slave units from me at the same time.
Digital Slave Unit
Complete kit of parts (contents) £30.00 out of stock I have no kits left. I do not plan to produce any more of this version. I may embark on a redesign in summer 2008. See Firefly
PCB £8.00 out of stock I have no PCBs left but I can still provide the programmed MCU for £5 - see below.
Programmed MCU £5.00 on request  

Postage and Insurance

Postage and insurance is now included on all items, to any part of the world, by airmail.

Note on Lithium Cells

Because of postal regulations I cannot send lithium cells outside Europe. Lithium cells will only be supplied to UK or EU customers who are ordering slave units. (The 3.6V lithium battery fits into battery clips on the circuit board, but you do not have to use this battery - you can use an external 3V alkaline battery pack if you like).

How to Pay

On-Line Payment

If you wish to pay using a UK-based credit or debit card, you can do this via NoChex. UK and International customers can use PayPal, where you can pay using a credit card or a transfer from your bank account. Please click on of the above links to go directly to the payment site.

Payment by Cheque

  1. Write a cheque for the amount, drawn in UK currency on a UK bank (If you are in another country, ask your bank to issue you a cheque drawn on their UK branch).
  2. Make the cheque payable to A.D. Gibson.
  3. Post it to 12 Well House Drive, LEEDS, LS8 4BX.

Payment by international bank transfer

Please contact me and ask for my International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and SWIFT code. Please note that all bank handling and currency conversion fees must be paid at source, that is, "sender pays all fees". If you have a credit card it is usually cheaper and much easier to pay by PayPal. It might be cheaper to ask your bank to give you a cheque drawn on their UK branch than to pay by IBAN/SWIFT.

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